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News: PVSC Welcomes Returning and New Members

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2/16/2020 12:00:00 AM  S. Krautkremer 

PVSC Memberships are available!


I am remiss in welcoming returning members and first-time members of Penobscot Valley Senior College (PVSC). I have been busy getting the paper and online catalogs ready, answering concerns by email and phone calls, and enjoying meeting some of you at the One Day Events!
By now you should see the Spring 2020 courses listed on the website, and hopefully received a paper catalog, which is offered this Spring session for all members, and will be distributed throughout the Greater Bangor area, including the Bucksport area. As time goes on, we hope more people will feel comfortable using the website, as this will save paper, postage, and we will able to open online registration earlier.
To clarify, first, you set up an online household account, and list the member whose email you wish most communication to go to. The first household individual’s name will be on the address label of any paper mail sent out, so we don’t duplicate mailings. (If you mail in registration, I will set up your account for you.)
You will then become a member of the household. If you are an individual member, your email will be the “billing email.” If you have more than one member at the same household address, you will add the second individual as a member of the household, and can also add that person’s email address to receive notifications as well. (Always nice for couples who forget to share, ha, ha!)
Spring 2020 online course registration, and any registrations that were mailed in, begins on Tues. Feb. 25, 2020 at 8:00 am. In order to take classes, you must first register for a membership, (not to be confused with member, since a membership has a cost involved, and gives you all the perks PVSC offers.) If you have not yet joined, this can be done at the same time you register for courses. There is no additional fee for using your credit card on the secure site.
Most courses start March 23, 2020, and most run for 6 weeks. Check each schedule to be sure, and sometimes there are changes after the paper catalog is sent out (another reason for using the online website-changes can be made every day!) Also, choose whether you prefer email or US Mail for communications).

In order to attend our free One Day Events, you must also be a member, so if there aren't any Spring courses you are interested in, or they don't fit your schedule, register for a PVSC membership. If you are new to PVSC, we offer a one-time half year joining price. Our new membership year will begin July 1, 2020, at which time members who plan on renewing, should do early, as we will offer many new One Day Events during the summer!
You will receive occasional emails, with links to our Monthly Memo, and any One Day Events being offered--and we have some great ones! Please call me at 207-659-1359, or email me with questions or concerns, especially about registering online.
I try to get back to people quickly, especially about registering, as this is new for all members as of this year! I am the only "live" person you will speak to regarding the website and catalog.
Again, welcome to PVCS!

Sheila Krautkremer, Administrative Assistant
499 Broadway, PMB #274
Bangor, ME 04401
207-659-1359  (powered by
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In addition to online registering for courses or mailing them in, they also may be dropped off at the Welcome Desk c/o PVSC at the 
Bangor Region YMCA, 17 Second St., one of our Affiliates