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  • Senior College Members love learning!
    While we at Penobscot Valley Senior College are disappointed that we cannot offer In-Person courses for Fall 2021, we appreciate our Instructors' willingness to offer their excellent courses on Zoom.

    All 6-week courses are full, and have begun the week of September 27th.
    Stay tuned for future Autumn "Presentations" (formerly known as One-Day Events), which are free with your 2021-2022 PVSC membership. We anticipate these will be offered on Zoom.

    If you are a member of another Maine Senior College, and wish to register for any PVSC Courses or Presentations, you should first call Sheila at 207-659-1359 or email
    so that the membership fee will be adjusted before registering. You will then be able to register online, or mail a check for the course fees, if any.
    Thank you! 

    AND if you don't find a PVSC course that works for you, make sure to check out the Maine Senior College Network website
    to see what is being offered by the other Maine Senior Colleges. Let the senior college know that you are a current PVSC member, and you will only pay their course fees.

    Read the information below to learn more about PVSC.

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Welcome to Penobscot Valley Senior College!

We are a non-profit organization of volunteers that offers a wide variety of educational opportunities to members ages 50 and older for their enrichment and enjoyment.  Don't let the word "college" scare you--there are no grades or credits, no homework, no tests, just a lot of knowledge and comaraderie to experience!

Through a yearly affordable membership fee that runs from July 1st through June 30th of the following year, you may attend our free "One-Day" events and/or register for reasonably priced 4 to 6 week two-hour courses. For fall 2021, we will be offering courses only on Zoom, since facility availability is no longer an option. Zoom technology has provided PVSC the opportunity to link instructors and students who may far from our geographical center in Bangor, Maine.

As part of the Maine Senior College Network (MSCN) members PVSC may also take courses at any other Maine Senior College simply by paying the course fee.  
If you have trouble registering for Courses be sure to review the How to Register for an Class page. Members of other senior colleges should call 207-659-1359 or email
so that the membership fee can be removed before registering online or mailing in course fees.
Thank you for your support!

Penobscot Valley Senior College (PVSC) is affiliated with the University of Maine Center on Aging and the Bangor Region YMCA and is part of the Maine Senior College Network, a program of the University of Southern Maine.   
We are one of 16 active Senior Colleges in Maine stretching from Fort Kent to Kittery.