Penobscot Valley Senior College
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Penobscot Valley Senior College has been offering fun, stimulating courses to seniors since 2002. A primarily volunteer organization, we are open to everyone 50 and over.

Are you interested in the birds and bees, theater, history, health, public policy, drawing, music, and a whole host of other topics? Penobscot Valley Senior College offers a dozen or so fun, stimulating, low-cost courses for seniors in four to six-week sessions each year. Our instructors are volunteer experts in their fields and create casual, interactive classroom environments.

Starting in the summer of 2020, we switched from in-person to online only with Zoom. Eventually, we’ll be back to in-person classes, held in Bangor-area facilities chosen for easy access and parking. A variety of Zoom classes will continue be offered, since those have been so successful as well.

“I look forward to the start of class every spring and fall,” says one long-time student. “We have knowledgeable instructors and friendly classmates,” says another, “so PVSC enriches my life.”

One-Day Presentations, usually one to two hours in length, are another feature of PVSC. With your PVSC yearly membership, besides our longer courses, each month or so, we offer free one-time expert presentations on wide-ranging topics of special interest. Topics have included such things as medical and scientific information, tours of interesting local sites, and special presentations by local notables.

We are supported by the Maine Center on Aging, the Bangor Region YMCA, and are part of the Maine Senior College Network.