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Dr. Mark Hanks
Dr. Mark Hanks, a busy veterinarian, will offer his five-session class on Wednesday evenings. 

  • Lecture#1: The Bond-What is It? Humans and animals have had a synergistic relationship for thousands of years. Cats were considered magical creatures in Ancient Egypt and mummies have been found in burial sites as early as 3,000 BC. There is evidence there was domestication of cats much earlier in the near east at least 7,000 years ago. Dogs were domesticated at least 17,000 years ago and have played a central role in hunting for hunter/gatherer societies. Over time, they have evolved with us. The bond we share is hard wired into you can see that best in a baby's response to a household pet.

  • Lecture #2: Veterinary Medicine--a brief history. Although the first formal veterinary school was established in France in 1762, the formalized care of animals predates that by thousands of years. Evidence of trephination in a cow has been found from the Neolithic period. Today we have access to technology that rivals human medicine in every way. CT scans, MRI, immunotherapy are all routinely done to help our pets live long, healthy lives.

  • Lecture #3: Technology--because we "can", does it mean we "should?" Ethics of veterinary medicine from a private practitioner. The access to advanced medical procedures has increased dramatically in the past 20 years. With that access comes increased expense and sometimes stress to the animal. Using real live cases from his experience, we will discuss what is at stake. When do we say goodbye? What are the choices and expenses involved in day-to-day veterinary medicine?

  • Lecture #4: Pets and Emotion--Charles Darwin published a book called, "The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals" in 1872, after his seminal work in "Origin of the Species." It was largely ignored and only recently has been looked at more closely. What is anthropomorphism and is it useful? How has our understanding and research on animal emotion evolved? We will look at some studies of animal emotion and share our own experiences.

  • Lecture #5: Veterinary Medicine--challenges for the future. Veterinarians are in high demand because of the strong bond we have with our pets. In Maine, and nationally, they are in increasingly short supply. In our last lecture, we will look at why suicide rates are increasing among veterinarians, and the change in the business model for veterinary practices. Each practice recreates a small in house laboratory, X-ray capability, staff costs, ultrasound, drugs and supplies, oxygen, and a variety of choices of services to provide. The overhead is huge, the costs are rising on both sides of the reception desk. After 31 years of practice, Dr. Hanks will be honest about the challenges., but also the rewards of being a veterinarian.

Instructor - DR. MARK HANKS, DVM
Dr. Mark Hanks graduated from Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. He practiced for three years in Annapolis, Maryland, and moved to Bangor in 1992. He worked at Broadway Veterinary, and then Veazie Veterinary prior to opening Kindred Spirits in Orrington, ME. As a practicing veterinarian, his focus is on the human/animal bond in all its manifestations. He started Kindred Spirits in 2006 to open a community of pet lovers that think they are a little crazy because they love their animals so much.

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